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                                  Who does the Invest in Your Best program serve?
- Managers looking to rely on capable team members  & lessen their workload 
- High potential employees looking to be considered for advancement and promotions
- Business leaders looking to enhance morale & create a healthy, more positive workplace culture
                                         We offer group rates for 5+ participants.                                                       
                            Don't Miss Out--Schedule a call to ensure we're the right fit!
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Doors Open Soon!

Services Offered:

E2G Leadership Coaching

Our main mission is to help managers learn HOW to manage other people effectively so that they can save time & money on recruiting, hiring and training new employees; and instead, focus on investing in & keeping the best people!

E2G small group programs include fresh content, live coaching sessions, accountability measures, access to the coach throughout the program for support as well as collaboration within the small groups of business leaders.  


Ask about our Invest in Your Best® program schedule.  Special rates are available for groups of 5 or more. 

Business Process Improvements

E2G collaborates with individuals within your organization to outline current workflows and to uncover potential inefficiencies.  We work to identify all impacted parties/departments  in order to create satisfactory recommendations for increased productivity. E2G provides documentation of recommended new processes for  client implementation. 

SEIP® Assessments

E2G utilizes the Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP® and SEIP-360®) to evaluate areas of strength and needed growth.  Each individual receives immediate results and offered recommended coaching.   

For the purposes of customizing workshop(s), we offer comprehensive team results and group recommendations as well. 


Professional team workshops are conducted as interactive sessions typically ranging from 2-4 hours.  The objective is to challenge current perspectives and provide practical suggestions for using the workshop information immediately. E2G researches, plans, and delivers customizable leadership content with high energy and positivity.

New Special Offer in 2021: 

 Follow Your Compass Workshop 

This YOUTH WORKSHOP extends our mission by teaching emotional intelligence skills earlier in life. We aim to genuinely connect with our kids to ensure they are not suffering behind their screens and life pressures.  Our youth sessions teach tweens and teens how to identify and use their emotions for positive steps forward.   The focus is on developing self-awareness,  taking responsibility for one's behaviors and choices, empathy, stress management, better communication and overall coping skills. 

We offer this workshop (live or virtual) to schools, youth groups, church groups, etc.  Set up a call to inquire about our Follow Your Compass workshop.

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About E2G

"We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are or by our training and expertise but also how well we handle ourselves and each other."                 

Daniel Goleman

What people are saying about E2G

Danielle has a talent for seeing the situation from a different perspective and helping the client understand that there are a variety of positive options to address many of these challenges in a team building manner.  


She is an effective coach, one of the best that I have had in my career.

Larry S, Chief, Harford County Government 


Before starting Evolve to Greatness in 2018,

Danielle Guarino earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Mount Saint Mary's University and established herself as a well-respected, empathetic leader with over 15 years of professional experience. 

With a passion for helping others to uncover their own inner strengths, Danielle earned her certification as a Social & Emotional Intelligence coach. 

E2G helps business leaders to be their most effective & successful. E2G advocates for continually practicing one's people skills' to enhance one's impact & connectedness especially in today's virtual world.  

Originally from the Jersey shore, Danielle currently resides in Bel Air, MD with her 3 children, enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with family & friends.

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In today's virtual world, emotional intelligence is priceless.

Authenticity, connectedness, adaptability, empathy and clear communication skills are necessities for true success and fulfillment.

Gain the competitive edge by investing in your teams' people skills.

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