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©2018 by Evolve to Greatness LLC.

What is social & emotional intelligence (S+EI)?

The ability to be aware of our own emotions in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and our relationships more deliberately.


Unlike IQ or personality distinctions, your S+EI is based on behaviors.

With proper coaching and practice, behaviors can be learned and altered for the better. 

Let E2G guide you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Team Talk

"We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are or by our training and expertise but also how well we handle ourselves and each other."                 


                                         Daniel Goleman

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Accurate Self Assessment 

Personal Power

Self Management

Behavioral Self-Control


Innovation & Creativity


Initiative & Bias for Action


Achievement Drive


Realistic Optimism




Stress Management




Awareness of Others


Situational Awareness

Service Orientation

Relationship Management


Interpersonal Effectiveness 


Influencing Skills 

Conflict Management


Inspirational Leadership


Catalyzing Change


Building Bonds


Teamwork & Collaboration


Coaching & Mentoring Others


Building Trust

Corporate Workshops

Services Offered

Evolve to Greatness'

Services Offered:

SEIP® Assessments

E2G utilizes the Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP® and SEIP-360®) to evaluate areas of strength and needed growth.  Each individual receives immediate results and offered recommended coaching.   

For the purposes of customizing workshop(s), we offer comprehensive team results and group recommendations as well. 


Interactive workshops are conducted as half-day (4 hrs) or full-day (6-7 hrs) sessions.  The objective is to provide awareness and actionable items using emotional intelligence. 

Executive Coaching

Baseline results are gathered from the SEIP® assessment and translated into individualized coaching sessions.  Like any muscle building, strengthening emotional intelligence takes consistency and practice.  Individuals are supported and held accountable.

Speaking Engagements

We're happy to speak on emotional intelligence and any of its specific competencies to bring awareness to this often untapped capacity within each of us. 


Heading 1


Before founding Evolve to Greatness LLC (E2G) in 2018, Danielle Guarino earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Mount Saint Mary's University and established herself as a well-respected, empathetic leader with over 20 years of professional experience. 


Danielle has coached entrepreneurs from start-up to milestone goals over the past 10 years. Her experience with varied leaders, sales professionals, educators and government officials helped guide her to fully investigate the role of emotional intelligence in relation to people's levels of success. 


With a strong desire to help others to find their fulfillment and competitive edge in a technology-driven world, Danielle earned her certification as a Social & Emotional Intelligence coach and started E2G. 

E2G advocates for continually enhancing one's people skills' to stand out in today's virtual world.  


What people are saying about E2G

"Danielle held a training for our managers and she is an excellent trainer. Very engaging and personable."

Human Resources, Harford County Government